data M at EuroBLECH in Hanover

COPRA Product Family: Integrated Solution Concept for Roll Formers

Valley, 08/24/2016. The Bavarian company data M Sheet Metal Solutions (Hall 27, Booth G142) presents an integrated solution concept for roll forming at the EuroBLECH 2016. Along the lines of the fair’s slogan „The New Generation of Sheet Metal Working“, data M showcases innovative soft- and hardware products for roll formers. Among other things, the fully integrated solution concept is demonstrated using the example of a roll formed bumper. All assembly steps including stretch bending can be processed with COPRA® products.

In recent years, data M further refined its product portfolio and especially focused on consistent interconnectedness of the various COPRA® solutions. data M engineers demonstrate how the setup of a new roll formed profile becomes comprehensible with the design software COPRA® RF, the COPRA® RollScanner as well as the roll tool database RLM. With the new feature “AssemblyCheck”, the design will be instantly updated after modification of the forming stations with subsequent scan of the roll tools. The designer will get an overview about the state of the modified tools in mounted condition compared to the initial design. For this purpose, the designed as well as the scanned roll contour will automatically show overlaying in COPRA® RF.

Furthermore, the portable COPRA® ProfileScan Desktop provides accurate measurement of the profile after each station. Consequently, the designers can verify if the profile matches the designed contour after each forming step. With this method, potential deviations can be located immediately and not only after the profile is finished – which involves a tiresome search for the source of error.

The simulation solution COPRA® FEA RF verifies the design and is the only respective software worldwide that handles the roll forming process automatically and thereby provides a transparent user interface. Additionally, pre-built models allow the model processing and calculation to be comparatively fast.

COPRA® FEA RF not only simulates the roll forming process, but also handles the complete production process for modern and complex profiles. Nowadays, pre- and post-operations like stamping, embossing or welding are as important as the roll forming itself. An accurate simulation of the roll formed base profile is eminent for additional calculations like stretch bending, since occurring strains and stresses during roll forming may influence the results significantly.

The simulation module identifies and visualizes possible defects like strip edge waviness or unwanted collisions between the roll and strip edge during the (virtual) forming process. With the results, the new roll design can be instantly implemented and verified. Additionally, the new version COPRA® FEA RF 2017 is equipped with Marc/Mentat 2015 and contains an integrated model browser. Furthermore, data M introduces new import functions: Besides IGES, new formats like STEP and SAT or native formats like e.g. from COPRA® Inventor® can be imported and edited.

Lastly, data M developed a simple model that incorporates station stiffness. Thus, alterations of the roll gap due to forming forces and the respective impact on the profile are already considered.

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