data M at the Tube 2016 in Düsseldorf

Partner in Roll Forming: data M Presents Integrated Solution Concept for Roll Formers

Valley, 04/04/2016. The Bavarian company data M (Hall 4, Booth F19) presents an over-all concept for roll forming of tubes, profiles and wire at the Tube & Wire 2016 fair. Besides the leading industry standard COPRA® RF and COPRA® FEA RF for design and simulation, the company offers an integrated portfolio of products and services for the sheet metal industry. At the data M booth visitors learn how to efficiently implement complex forming projects with different COPRA® solutions.

Through close cooperation with customers and continuous innovations, data M became a highly demanded partner of industry and research worldwide. Alongside the renowned design- and simulation software, the company also offers solutions for quality control, error analysis as well as control technology. Additionally, data M guides customers in all project stages – from a feasibility study to conception and implementation of a roll forming machine.

Albert Sedlmaier, data M Managing Director:
“We have achieved a huge market share with our software due to our own research and because we have been working with the industry for years. Our employees are not only programmers and engineers but genuine roll forming experts. There is barely any roll forming related subject that we haven’t dealt with in the past.”

Among other things, data M presents a continuous software solution for the production of round- and rectangular, shaped as well as flexible tubes. COPRA® FEA RF simulates the entire production chain, including pre- and post-operations like welding, stamping, punching, bending and more. data M engineers demonstrate how an entire project for round tube shaping with subsequent reshaping into a square-, shaped- or rectangular tube can be realized quickly and cost-efficient. Using the example of a radiator tube the specialists also show how to conduct the forming with precursive embossing including the roll design.

By continuously expanding its product portfolio, the company from Upper Bavaria has incrementally developed into a genuine engineering service provider for roll formers. For instance, data M engineers designed a flexible tube for an oil platform that had to withstand enormous pressure. It consists of different layers like a wrapping layer, interlaced wire profiles and even a plastic layer. The specialists also support customers with error analysis and problem solutions. Just recently, a big coach company had difficulties with the closing edge on the bus roof. Through simulation of the entire production chain, the problem could be identified and a solution was worked out in collaboration with the customer.

Managing Director Stefan Freitag says:
“Producers no longer just want our software. They also contact us when it comes to efficiently implementing highly complex projects and finding solutions for occurring problems.”

Through own research as well as close cooperation with the industry, data M has been able to fulfil special requirements from roll formers. The company also sells optical measuring devices for quality control of profiles as well as roll tools. Additionally, the COPRA® RLM roll database is not only suitable for stock management but also fully integrated into the process chain. The entire roll stock can thus be searched for suitable tools as early as in the design phase. Furthermore, the function “Regrind” (COPRA® RF 2017) and the COPRA® RollScanner in cooperation with the database al-low efficient reworking of worn out rolls and therefore saving tool costs.

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