Learning with data M

We tailor our COPRA workshops and training sessions to suit your needs and standards.

Our trainers are involved with the COPRA design processes and that of our customers on a daily basis; therefore they have comprehensive practical expertise to help increasing efficiency in your company. If you would like further information, please contact us.

Training Packages

Building COPRA RF expertise - typically 2 days

Example content:

  • COPRA RF Project Management (CadFinder)
  • Flower module
    • Profile from CAD and Designer
    • Unfodling with Spreadsheet, calibration methods, Strip width
    • DTM deformation technology
  • Rolls module
    • Machine data, axis creation (new axis configurator)
    • Smart Rolls, Automatic roll adjustment
    • Rolls dimensioning. Cut-list

Building COPRA FEA RF expertise - typically 3 days

Example content:

  • General overview and understanding of the functionality of the different program-parts
    • Project management
    • Platforms
    • project tools
  • COPRA FEA RF Pre-Processing
    • How to generate and optimise a FE model 
  • Discussion of FE basics: mesh, contact, material, boundary conditions, etc.
  • How to interpret Model assumptions
  • Practising in creating a model
  • Starting a simulation
  • COPRA FEA RF Post processing
    • Creating a report/automatic report-creating own set-up
    • How to interpret FEA Results
    • Animation-creating a movie of the simulation
  • Making a restart/Advanced Restart
  • Advanced tools for pre-processing
    • friction and shaft deflection simulations
  • Punch holes 

Specialization of expertise – duration depending on requirements

You can increase for example your product portfolio by learning how to design special shapes with a more efficient and faster roll design.

We will help you identify the training areas your team can benefit from most. Our offer will be targeted to your specific training requirements – duration depending on requirements

General Information


  • data M Locations
  • at your location
  • hotel oder conference center
  • online via webmeeting (half-day segments)


  • Computer with Windows 10 for each participant
  • Latest version of COPRA RF / COPRA FEA RF installed
  • internet connection


For standard trainings, workshops and private trainings we recommend not more than 2-3 participans.