Software Maintenance Agreement

Keep your COPRA software right up-to-date and secure the full value of your investment.

How precisely do you benefit from a COPRA software maintenance agreement?

  • A COPRA software maintenance agreement is the least expensive of all possibilities for maintaining the very latest status – new updates are sent to you automatically and without further cost.
  • You secure the full value of your investment!
    Through a COPRA software maintenance agreement your software benefits from continuing further development of design and computing methods, keeping it right up-to-date and maintaining your competitiveness.
  • Access to COPRA Hotline Support
    Connect with our support team via email or TeamViewer. In that way we can see the problem as if we were on the spot and give you every assistance.
  • You participate in development!
    Software maintenance customers influence our new developments, contributing to constant optimization of the software.
  • The procedure is very simple:
    The COPRA software maintenance agreement runs for one year, and you can terminate it at the end of this period. Otherwise it automatically continues for another year. Billing is quarterly or annually.