Functionality Table

Please have a look at the following functionality table between COPRA FEA RF Professional (F1) and COPRA FEA RF Foundation (F2):

Functionality Table



Automatic preparation of the FEA model directly from the existing COPRA RF design data



Special tools for an easy, efficient and detailed “roll forming“ analysis / interpretation of simulation results



Automatic preparation of reports for MS Word, HTML and PDF



Video Tutorials and User Guides with step-by-step illustrated instructions and ready-to-use simulation models



Welding of symmetrical and unsymmetrical sections (without taking into account heat effects)



Restart functionality: modifications in the design can be implemented and the simulation restarted from that point on.



Automatic Report preparation reducing the time needed to create a post process report by up to 90%



Prediction of Wear Areas in the Profile  

“Advanced Restart” function allows modifications to the tooling and/or mesh. Includes automatic restart of simulations after a power shutdown. 



Simulation with Rotating Rolls and Friction. Allows to estimate the roll forming speed and power requirements.  



Pre-, Post- and Inline Punching with automatic calculation of the mesh including punched holes
Automtic chamfer generation



Calculation of the forming forces and resulting shaft deflection by considering station stiffness



Simulations Queue to avoid idle times



The COPRA FEA RF software includes MSC.Marc and MSC.Mentat as OEM application. This OEM version of the MSC.Marc software may only be used in combination with the COPRA FEA RF software. Any adaption of simulation models generated with COPRA FEA RF can only be made with the COPRA FEA RF software program and its embedded OEM-Version of the MSC.MARC Software.