H1 COPRA RF Roll Design

Efficient tool design with COPRA RF Roll Design

Alongside the forming strategy, the roll design has a significant influence on product quality and production costs. Our module COPRA RF Roll Design provides a multitude of functions that no other software solution offers.

Just like all our program modules, COPRA RF Roll Design is an integral part of the COPRA workflow and offers countless possibilities for process optimization.


With the widely popular SmartRolls function, designers can create almost the entire roll design fully automatically based on the profile cross-section without the need for additional CAD designs - saving time and money. The starting point is always the existing contour of the profile cross-section.

COPRA RF Roll Design automatically designs the rolls based on the designed profile cross-sections as a draft - the finalization is done quickly and safely by using self-developed visual modification functions. The software automatically carries out the single roll as well as the assembly plan dimensioning.

Standard Rolls and Axis Configurator

A whole range of identical or similar rolls are frequently used in production. Cloning of such rolls significantly reduces the time needed to design the tool set. In addition, COPRA RF Roll Design already provides customized roll design functions for many standard profile shapes, e.g. for U-, C-channel or top hat profiles. The program calculates the required roll contours including all details - even the weights of the finished tools and the volumetric dimensions of the holes. This increases the accuracy of the weight cost calculation.

Likewise, a relocation of an already designed roll set to another machine is possible easily and quickly with the help of the axis configurator. The roll tools are automatically updated, efficiently and dynamically.