COPRA RF WireRolling

The software solution COPRA WireRolling is specifically tailored to the rolling of wire profiles. It contains the design module COPRA RF WireRolling as well as the simulation software COPRA FEA RF WireRolling for the verification of wire projects. This solution allows to optimize the forming process even during the design phase.

COPRA RF WireRolling - at a glance

  • All-in-one solution for wire rolling with integrated simulation module
  • Automatic calculation of forming steps
  • Effective design tools
  • Automatic generation of the FE model from the design data
  • Dedicated tools for the analysis of simulation results - no FEA specialist needed

In the production of profile wires, round or square wires are usually formed step by step by means of drawing dies or wire rollers. During this process, however, the material tends to flow in a longitudinal direction and is difficult to force into edge areas with small radii. This behavior quickly becomes apparent in the elasto-plastic, non-linear forming simulation. It allows the manufacturing process to be depicted and optimized in the design phase.

COPRA RF WireRolling saves the designer many time-consuming work steps in advance by effective design tools. The software determines the shape of the intermediate stages by using specific algorithms - only the start and end cross sections are necessary. COPRA RF WireRolling calculates the rolling steps according to their quantity as well as the wire diameter.

The designer can simulate changes again at any time. Based on the roll contours as well as the defined cross sections COPRA FEA RF WireRolling reliably calculates how the material will behave during the rolling process - only the input of the corresponding mechanical parameters is still required. By simulation the optimal roll speed can be determined as well. Therefore the wire does not bulge or is pulled too much.

As with all our simulation solutions, the software automatically generates the model and analyzes the results of the rolling process. An in-house FEA specialist is not required.