COPRA RF Shaped Tubes

COPRA RF offers a fast and safe design of roll tooling for the necessary calibration and intermediate forming steps for a successful production. The software significantly reduces the design time in order to determine a perfect forming of round tubes into any special shapes (shaped tubes, square tubes, rectangular pipes). The calculation can, but does not need to be based on the round tube.

Just the number of forming steps has to be defined by the designer - the definition of the forming speed and the compression in the individual steps is optional.

COPRA RF Shaped Tubes - at a glance

  • Calculation of the forming of round tubes to any shaped tube.
  • Only the number of forming steps needs to be defined.
  • Optimization of the calibration steps.
  • Two mathematical methods for the distribution of the compressions
  • Verification of the design with COPRA FEA RF

There are two methods available for forming: the angular and the topographical method. They distribute the compressions and thus avoid so-called undercuts. Of course, COPRA RF Shaped Tubes offers the possibility to verify the design with COPRA FEA RF at any time and creates an FEM simulation model on request.