COPRA RF Drawing Dies

COPRA RF Drawing Dies calculates the forming steps of the drawing rings that are necessary for the forming of round to rectangular or shaped tubes - and thus solves a common design problem. The software module allows a simple design of the drawing ring geometry, high accuracy for the material flow and the possibility of CAM production of the drawing tool without unnecessary intermediate steps.

COPRA RF Drawing Dies - at a glance

  • Calculates the forming steps of drawing rings
  • Simple design of the drawing ring geometry
  • Optimal distribution of the material to the individual stages
  • CAM production of the drawing tool without intermediate steps

Final cross section and design of forming steps

After the design of the final cross section by COPRA or CAD, COPRA RF Drawing Dies ensures an optimized material flow by distributing the material over the perimeter in each of the forming steps.

When designing the individual forming steps, the user defines the inner shape of the drawing ring using supportive cross sections, the number of which can be adjusted. For each individual support cross section, a so-called compression coefficient can also be specified, for example to take care of the drawing ring’s surface warping.

COPRA RF Drawing Dies also generates 3D geometries of production-ready drawing rings in 3D-CAD systems like AutoCAD or Inventor by means of the "Lofting Function".