Our COPRA RF and FEA software is used in the development of a wide range of Structural components.

Below are profile examples that either our clients designed with our software or we developed on our client’s behalf as part of our COPRA Design and Analysis Services.


  • Light Gauge Steel Framing
  • Z Purlin
  • C Sections and Beams
  • U Channels
  • Mezzanine Flooring
  • Crash Barrier
  • Wave, U Channel and Omega Profiles
  • Scaffolding Tube and Pipes
  • Racking Systems
  • Textured Paneling
  • Kick Plates
  • Handrails and Protective Sills
  • Shelving Structures

We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of both design and analysis of structural part, whether supporting our clients in their endeavours or by working on their behalf. 

For such profile development, an understanding of the roll formed parts properties is key, certainly when looking at load bearing, quality, strength through to material property changes during forming.

This is only possible with an FEA software such as COPRA FEA RF.


Aside from Structural construction profiles and components, there are also a plethora of non-structural roll formed parts and applications in use around the globe. This list is continuously growing, as volume production becomes more favourable and roll-forming is implemented over that of other less productive processes.

Over the last 30 years, with the development of software packages such as COPRA RF and COPRA FEA RF, the complexity of such profiles has increased significantly. In addition, roll forming machines with may stations compared to former times are being developed, new advanced materials becoming available and tighter geometrical tolerances being expected.

As such, it has become the “new normal” to verify and optimise the tooling design with the “virtual roll forming mill” that is COPRA FEA RF. In doing so, this removes from the process costly re-designs of tooling and down time during tooling verification. 

Below are a few examples of profiles for which our  technology has been already applied for, for many years. Our team has also actively been involved with such projects as part of our COPRA Design and Analysis Services.

  • Dry Wall
    • C Stud
    • I Stud
    • U Channel
    • Track
  • Multi Furring Ceiling Systems
    • MF Channel
    • U Channel
    • Track
  • PVC-u Door and Window Reinforcement
    • Door Sash Profiles
    • Window Frame Channels
    • Window Sash Profile
    • Patio Track and Wheel Runners
  • Cable Management
    • Cable Trays
    • Cable Trunking
    • Strut Profiles
  • Trapezoidal and Sinusoidal Roofing
  • Sandwich Panel and Cladding Systems
  • Garage Door Profiles and Tracks
  • Drainage and Water Management
    • Tube and Pipe Components for Water Transportation
  • Solar System Components and Rails
    • Hat channels,
    • C-channels
    • Z-purlins for utility-scale solar farms
    • Lightweight Ballast Trays
    • Mounting Structures
  • Road Signposts
  • Draw Slides and Furniture Components