Railways and Rolling Stock

With some of the longest one-piece components used in industry, Train and Rail carriages are know for their uniformly shaped and aerodynamic components, which lend very well to the roll forming process, it is the only way to manufacture such parts and components.  For this reason our COPRA software, both COPRA RF and COPRA FEA RF go hand in hand and have been used successfully around the globe for the development of such roll formed and niche profiles, whether it be for the interior or the exterior and even tube and piping used for the hydraulics and pneumatics, COPRA is used throughout.

Below is just a short list of some of the key components, designed, developed and subsequently manufactured, by our COPRA software users throughout this sector:

  • Underframe
  • Carriage Side Profiles
  • Steel Body Profiles
  • Bogie Components
  • Piping
  • Wall and ceiling stiffening Channels
  • Decorative Stainless-Steel Rails