Oil & Gas industry

For many years data M and our COPRA Software has actively been involved in the design, development and FEA analysis of various profiles, tube, pipe and wire rolled tooling utilised by the Oil and Gas industry. 

With demands from the industry being high, whether it be for traditionally roll formed welded tubes and pipe or larger diameter cage formed alternatives, right through to wire reinforcement for offshore flexible pipes, manufactured from a huge variety of different materials, our COPRA RF and FEA RF software have been used significantly around the globe along with our Design and Analysis Services, reducing time to market and providing significant cost savings for our partners and as such global leading companies around the world.

These global partnerships have enabled us to develop many years of experience in this field, with a plethora of expertise at our finger tips, we not only advise, support and train our client base, we also provide advanced simulation services, which may entail hydroforming, bending and even winding of roll formed profiles, developing the most effective and innovative solutions to a highly competitive, time constricting marketplace.

Here are just a few examples of the geometries our COPRA Software has been actively used in the development of:

  • Longitudinally Welded Pipe
  • Shaped Pipes and Tubes
  • Oil Country Tubular Goods
  • Offshore Composite Flexible Pipes

Application Areas of Roll Forming

Flexible tubes for deep-sea exploitation

Exploiting deep-sea oil and gas resources is a major challenge for exploration and conveyance. Ideal for the purpose are flexible, multilayer pipes that are able to withstand the enormous pressure at depths of more than 1000 meters, that are…