COPRA RF Flower Technology

Our module COPRA Flower Technology offers roll formers an extensive tool set for special technical calculations: For instance, the calculation of certain forming curves, a feature no other commercial software offers, or the calculation of an optimized “down hill forming” in order to achieve minimized material elongation. Also, a 3D-wire-model for the calculation elongation or compression at strip edge or profile flanks. Two different mathematical methods are available for determining springback according to Oehler or Biswas.

Finally, COPRA Flower Technology allows the sequential display of individual bending sequences with desired presetting such as distance, radius and other parameters.

Customers get the full benefit from COPRA RF Flower Technology in combination with the forming module COPRA RF DTM and the simulation module COPRA FEA RF.

COPRA RF Flower Technology - at a glance

  • Calculation of forming curves
  • „Down Hill Forming“ for minimal material elongation
  • 3D wire model for calculation of strip edge elongation
  • Two methods for determining springback
  • Sequential display of individual bending sequences

Since version COPRA RF 2021, this module has become an integral part of our M1 COPRA RF Sections and M2 COPRA RF Trapeze & Corrugated modules.