COPRA RF Trapeze/Corrugated

The module COPRA RF Trapeze/Corrugated is available with the similar functions as COPRA RF Sections and – as an additional software module - offers special functions for the design of trapezoidal or corrugated sheets. These can be used for any profile with a geometrical shape consisting of four sides, two of them parallel.

COPRA RF Trapeze/Corrugated automatically calculates the optimal bending sequences for trapezoidal shapes, while the traverse feed of the material is kept constant depending on the bending angle.

In combination with the module COPRA RF Roll Design it is also possible to automate the roll design process. In particular, the feature "roll cloning" can be used effectively by the designer.

COPRA RF Trapeze/Corrugated - at a glance

  • Special COPRA RF Sections module for the design of trapezoidal or corrugated sheets
  • Calculation of the optimal bending sequences
  • Automated roll design with COPRA RF Roll Design